For those lucky enough to have traveled to the wilds of Africa, as well as those who dream to venture there one day, Africa: An Artists Safari is both a memoir and a meditation. For collectors and art enthusiasts, it is an intimate portfolio of an artists inspiration and passion. For animal lovers, it is a collection of fascinating facts and evocative images. For all it provides a treasured collection honoring an untamed land. Through the breathtaking paintings and exciting stories presented in this book, Fred Krakowiak captures his Africa, an artists Africa, full of color and texture, energy and motion, passion and hope for the protection of the amazing animals that live there. As it becomes abundantly clear that the wilds of Africa are endangered, more and more are seeking to travel there, both to experience a world so astonishing and to witness these unforgettable animals.

In these pages, Krakowiak shares the adventures he encountered there and the art they inspired. Here are the sketches he did while trekking, as well as the steps he took to the beautiful finished pieces. All sketches, paintings, and stories add up to a life-changing experience expressed through the strokes of a weasel-hair paintbrush. Through Krakowiak’s paintings, you will tremble at the lions ferocity, be humbled by the power of the elephant, be amazed at the speed of the cheetah, and feel awe at the breadth and quiet of the untamed land. You will learn your place in the world and, with reverence, accept it.

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