tracking_inner_maverick_coverFor close to 30 years, Krakowiak worked as a financial planner successfully managing investment portfolios exceeding $110 million. Accomplished and highly respected…but not living the life he wanted. His path took an abrupt detour the day he decided to risk it all and chase his dream of becoming a nature & wildlife artist. From battling the bear markets of Wall Street to staring into the eyes of a male lion protecting his pride, Krakowiak’s life journey had significantly taken a turn. Through it all, he confronted challenges, navigated risk, and defined success on his own terms. That’s what made him a maverick.

Bold and inspiring, Krakowiak shares in Tracking Your Inner Maverick, his strategies for navigating a career redirection and life transformation, including the following practical advice:

  • Redefining yourself and reinventing your career
  • Recognizing and responding to triggers that signal crucial turning points
  • Achieving balance of mind, body and spirit
  • Discovering and pursuing your passion
  • Building an authentic personal brand

Now is the time to cultivate your own maverick spirit and follow that dream. This book will help you get there and more!

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