“Fred’s presentation exposes his audience to the wonders of African wildlife via terrific safari photos and vignettes, while at the same time creating parables for strategic decision-making and leadership in business and in life. His interesting and novel content plus his storytelling acumen and real-world business experience, are strong elements in his delivery of a successful presentation.”

Dale E. Shreve, President & CEO – MHCA (Mental Health Corporations of America)


“I have been fortunate to see many different speakers…and was very impressed with your story and talk. You were able to not only engage me but the entire audience. Another advisor and myself left that day and found ourselves relating your message to each other as well as incorporating it into our own practices. Thank you for taking the time and making a difference in my life!”

John Murphy, Financial Advisor – Geneos Wealth Management


“Fred’s African Safari presentation is engaging, colorful, visual, and emotionally moving as if you are there. Its vividness surpassed only by his colorful artwork of the same animals displayed. His presentation was enjoyed by all and highly recommended.”

Mark Schon, Financial Services Professional


“Fred was superb at painting oral pictures of the scene in Africa. It will make for some vivid radio … his descriptions of encountering African wildlife are magical, and give a lot of power to the interview. Must be part of that ‘Africa never leaves you’ experience. Thanks for sharing it with us and our listeners.”

Timothy S. Tattan, Radio Producer – “Travel with Rick Steves”


“Fred Krakowiak is a captivating storyteller and artist. He added significant value to our event, enthralling and entertaining 500 BioPark Society guests throughout the evening, beginning with a beautiful live creation of a cheetah painting, and ending with a keynote speech reliving his fantastic adventures. His presentation was exciting and clever. The entire crowd was along for the journey.”

Julie Miller Rugg, Executive Director – New Mexico BioPark Society


“We were very fortunate to have Fred Krakowiak visit the Sacramento Zoo. Fred gave a delightful presentation at an evening Benefactor’s Reception, engaging the audience with his stories of Africa and riveting videos…He is a great ambassador for the arts, Africa and wildlife. It was a pleasure to have him visit.”

Mary Healy, Director – The Sacramento Zoo


“Fred is a very dynamic speaker and makes the audience so involved in his presentations that everyone is on the edge of their seats. He made me want to go on one of his Safari’s as soon as possible. His artistic talent is phenomenal as he shows the art he has created from his adventures in Africa. He is an outstanding presenter and most personal as well. We all loved his talk.”

Marilyn Shea, Program Chair – Newcomers of Carlsbad


“Fred’s stories of his African adventures were both captivating and inspiring. His energy is contagious and he passionately depicts the same excitement of tracking exotic African wildlife during his presentation as he does into his beautiful artwork. His close encounters with nature’s rare rituals fascinated the entire audience and left all of us wanting more.”

Nicholas Glover – Explorers Club Member & President of Arizona Outdoors Club


“Fred’s mixture of art and adventure captures the romance and feel of Africa. His tales of game tracking by reading the smells, sounds, and body language of the savannahs and its inhabitants was riveting.”

Marc Weitz, President – Los Angeles Adventurer’s Club


“A Masterful Presentation!”

Jo Dee Jacobs, President – San Diego Downtown Rotary Club 33


“We received such positive feedback from the attendees at Fred’s presentation. Fred’s stories were wonderful to hear. It made everyone want to visit Africa very soon. Fred’s work is breathtaking!”

Diana Whitman, Development Director – The Tucson Zoo


“Having Fred speak to our group was one of the highlights of the year for us.”

G. Arthur Hammons, President – Circumnavigators Club of La Jolla

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