Fred’s unscripted adventures in Africa combine heart stopping tales with a passion
that every creature and every environment is connected in the circle of life.

Leadership today goes beyond the boardroom, and really, you don’t need just ‘another speaker.’ Fred Krakowiak is a breath of fresh air in today’s market, leading his audiences on a virtual Safari and sharing the skills needed in today’s corporate arena to inspire real leadership and address change.

Fred is an award-winning author and artist, leading annual Safaris in Africa for a select few. Some of Fred’s programs based on his personal adventures in Africa include:

  • When a Map is Worthless, You Need a Compass
  • I Hate Change – How to Evaluate Change
  • Decision Making in 3 Seconds or Less

Fred takes audiences on a fascinating journey through Africa captivating them with stunning visuals. Walking throughout the wilderness of Africa has revealed the continents amazing wildlife to Fred and his walks inspire him to capture the animal kingdom aware that one day only his artwork and stories will remain of these majestic creatures. You will be mesmerized when you shut your eyes to listen to the language of the animal kingdom he reveals and the messages the wild life communicates about the magnificence and frailty of life.

Interested in Learning More?

For more information about Fred’s book: Africa: An Artist’s Safari, artwork available, to commission artwork or to book Fred for speaking engagements, contact him at:

Phone: 602-376-5431

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